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Debbie Dina Owes Me Money!

Realtor at EXIT Midstate Realty, Wausau, WI

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Debbie Lynn Dina (taken 2022)

She lives in Wausau, Wisconsin.


Debbie is untrustworthy!

Debbie is a thief!

Wisconsin REALTORS® Association gives licenses to criminals!

Debbie's ONLY defense is to say that her brother, Mark, is lying.
Unfortunately, her brother, Mark, don't lie and she knows it!
Mark has proof and it's on this website. Debbie has NO proof!

So who are you going to believe, the victim, Mark, or the thief, Debbie!


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Libel is a written defamatory statement, and Slander is a spoken or oral defamatory statement. Remember this Debbie! I am not sure what you learned in the lawyers office as a manager but your law skills are bad. Truth is an absolute defense to Libel and Slander. All the statements on this website are true and WILL NOT be removed until Debbie pays me my money!

Debbie still owns her brother $3,611.31 and copies of the Trust account bank statements from 2013 to 2015. After I get my money, this website will be removed.

Debbie is the family thief, dishonest, and a liar. She'll say anything to get her way!

Debbie abused my dad's trust account in her favor! That money was for ALL of us kids!

Who would be a FOOL to hire Debbie! -> EXIT Midstate Realty and EXIT Greater Realty!

Don't trust Debbie with your business or your bussiness accounts! If Debbie wants it, she will find a way to get it!

Debbie's Travel Expenses: $4,050.95 for 16 nights at a hotel, and other expenses. To high! That's about $253.00 per day for one person? I don't think so! I didn't get any money for my hotel stay and food money! Remember Deb, you're spending us kids money! I do not approve of these expenses. Deb could of stayed in a cheaper hotel, and use less money to eat with.

This is what I am willing to agree for Debbie's Travel Expenses for her 16 days in Hattiesburg, MS: Hotel: $75 per night, Food: $35 per day, 16 * $110 per day = $ 1,760.00 Total. Not, $4,050.95!

Trustee Hourly Compensation sheet I found some hours that should not be on there.
1) (5 hrs) Various email and phone conversations with sisters, & Mark || Deb charged us kids for her time? What a joke!
2) (6 hrs) Obtaining the title for dad's truck || Deb wanted the truck, so Deb pays this time out of her own pocket!
3) (3 hrs) Telephone conferences with Attorney Arrington regarding the title for dad's truck || Again, Deb wanted the truck, Deb pays this Attorney fee out of her own pocket! What was Debbie thinking?!
4) (8 hrs) Prepare accounting of trust funds; calculate final distribution; etc. || Deb charged us kids for her time? What a joke!
5) (3.5 hrs) Regarding the demand for attorney fees from Bea's attorney || Deb if you paid Bea her money your time spent would not have been here. This is on your dine, not the trust account dine.

And there are some hours that don't add up. So far, I think Debbie added more hours then she needed, spent our trust money as she pleased because that's Debbie trying to get the most out of our Dad's Trust money and leave the rest of us kids with little as possible. Deb's a thief! This is not Libel because it's true, to my knowledge.

Communicating to us kids about what is going on with dad's stuff is something that Deb is suppose to do...at NO CHARGE!
Also, there was dad's truck repair cost of $347.19. This should of been Deb's out of pocket money, not the Trust money!
Deb, you wanted the truck! You pay for the truck's expenses out of your own pocket, including the attorney fees. How dumb do you think we are? If I took the truck, or if Glenda took the truck, then we'll have to pay to have it fixed, and the cost of getting the title, etc., right?! Deb, why do you think that you're so special?!
For Trustee Hourly Compensation (see attached file, same info on Deb's sheet):
25.5 hrs * $7.43 per hr = $189.36 / 3 = $63.12
Deb owns: Sisters, & Mark each: $63.12

For Dad's Truck Repair Cost:  $347.19
Debbie has the truck!

Telephone conferences with and emails to/from Attorney Arrington regarding assistance with obtaining title for truck.
Attorney fees ??: $405.40

Now we have too, too many Attorney fees: $9,077.74! Why?! What was going on that you needed to pay that much for attorney fees? Deb are you forgetting that this money is all of ours?

What was these fees for, why?:
$1402.74 : Arrington fees: $405.40, $497.34, $500.0

What was this fee for, why?:
$ 175.00 : Pope & Pope fees

What was this fee for, why?:
$7,500.00 : McHard & Associates, PLLC fees
This fee was because Debbie did not honor a signed contact (Breach of Contract) between her and Bea, my dad's widow.


What Debbie Owes Us
Stop Payment on $30,000 Check $ 34.00
Wire Fee for New Check $ 20.00
Another Wire Fee $ 30.00
Attorney Fees
(McHard & Accociates, PLLC
Jackson & Arrington, PLLC)
$ 8,402.74
Truck Repairs $ 347.19
Part of Deb's Travel Expense $ 2,000.00
Total Of What Debbie Spent $ 10,833.93
What Debbie Owes Each of Us $ 3,611.31
Debbie's Truck Repair / License Cost
(Was Our Dad's Truck)
Truck Repair Cost $ 347.19
Attorney fees
(Truck License)
$ 405.40
Total Expenses $ 752.59

Debbie's Attorney Fees
Pope & Pope, P.A. Fees $ 175.00
Jackson & Arrington, PLLC Fees $ 1,402.74
McHard & Accociates, PLLC Fees $ 7,500.00
Total Attorney Fees $ 9,077.74



Below is money that Debbie took for personal use (attorney fees for getting truck title, truck repair, travel expense) and attorney fees, etc., caused by Debbie for Breach of Contract.
Stop payment fee for Bea's check: $34.00
Wire fee for Bea's new check: $20.00
Wire Fee ? : $30.00
Attorney fees ? : $497.34
Attorney fee for Stop Payment check: $7,500
Attorney fee for Truck title: $405.40
Truck repair: $347.19
Part of Debbie's Total Travel Expense: $2,000
Total: $ 10,833.93
Debbie owes her sisters & brother each: $3,611.31

Debbie is the Co-Trustee of her (my) Dad's Trust Account, and handling ALL the money for the our Dad's Trust account but as you read through this website Debbie is not a person to trust. Debbie took her $25,000 plus and spent about $10,000 of our money! Mostly in attorney fees. We ALL were suppose to get all the money in the Trust account but Debbie spend it recklessly. 

Debbie had to pay for Attorney fees of $7,500.00, money that was taken out of our Dad's Trust account, because Debbie didn't honor a signed contract between her and my Dad's widow, Bea, who is also a co-trustee of my Dad's trust account. Debbie made a Stop Payment on a check to Bea but in the contract Bea would get $30,000 at the close of the sale. (click here) Debbie needs to return the $7,500.00 out of her own pocket to the Trust account. The money in the trust account is for ALL of us kids NOT just for Debbie and to spend it as she pleases!

Debbie is using the Trust funds as if it was her own money! Debbie is suppose to pay Dad's bills and give her sisters and brother anything left over, which is about $4,000.00 to each of us! Plus any money from the estate sale. If Debbie don't pay all of us the money we should get then Debbie is stealing from her sisters and brother.

Next Bea, had the right to her money because it was in the signed Contract. So Bea had her Attorney mail a Demand Letter to Debbie to let Debbie know that she, her sisters and brother was going to be sued, for the charges below, if payment was not sent within 15 days. Debbie put her sisters and brother is a bad situation without having any knowledge of what Debbie was doing! (click here)

1. Bad check damages and service charges pursuant to MCA 11-7-2 to include;
1. a. $30,000 face amount of check;
1. b. $40.00 service fees;
1. c. Attorney fees; ($7,500.00)
1. d. Costs of suit.

2. Breach of Contract;

3. Willful Breach of Contract including interest, attorney fees, costs, and punitive damages;

4. Intentional infliction of emotional distress;

5. Misrepresentation and fraud;

6. Breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing; and

7. False Pretenses

Debbie also stole items from her brother. Her brother had to fight with Debbie for 14 years to get his stuff back but the stolen items of her brother Debbie still has them or she through them away! Debbie was punished by her brother for stealing his items. Her husband lost his job and they had to move from New York to Wisconsin.

When will Debbie ever learn not to steal from her brother and think that she will ever get away with it.

Debbie did work for:

  1. Meridian Title Corporation, 405 S. Second Street, Suite 100, Elkhart, IN 46516
  2. Century Title Services, LLC, 401 West High Street, Elkhart, Indiana 46516
  3. Cutler, Trainor & Cutler, LLP, 2 Hemphill Place, Suite 153, Malta, NY 12020
  4. EXIT Greater Realty, 3315 Terrace Court, Wausau, WI 54401
  5. Exit Midstate Realty, 4111 Schofield Ave, Ste 10, Weston, WI 54476-2742

Debbie Dina's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/debbie.dina

Stacy Jo Dina (Lucas) is Debbie's second child not her first. Debbie had an abortion because she was unfaithful to her husband, Joe (aka Mick).

Also, see Debbie on RipOffReport.com

Libel is a written defamatory statement, and Slander is a spoken or oral defamatory statement. Remember that truth is an absolute defense to Libel and Slander.

Susan Harrison, Senior Vice President, EXIT Realty Corp. International, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 888-668-3948

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